Friday, August 20, 2010

Norman Playing The Vuvuzela

Yes, I’m playing a Vuvuzela!

I was fortunate to get to blow a vuvuzela which my teacher Mrs Sigamoney brought back from South Africa. I was interested to know more about the vuvuzela so I read about it.

The vuvuzela is also known as lepatata and it is a Tswana name. It is typically a 65-centimetre (2 ft) plastic device that requires the flow of air to produce a loud monotone note. A similar device, known as the corneta is used in Brazil and other Latin American countries. Many types of vuvuzelas are made by several manufacturers, may produce varying intensity and frequency outputs. The intensity of these outputs depends on the blowing technique and pressure exerted.

Thousands of vuvuzelas were blown by soccer fans at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. I was thrilled to get the technique right and have a go at it.

Here I am playing the Vuvuzela.


Kelly said...

Norman the way you described the Vuvuzela and the outstanding playing is amazing. Miss H

Anonymous said...

Hi Norman.
Wow that is very Interesting.
Can you play an Tune with the Vuvuzela. I like to Hear more about it and looking forward to your next post.

Anonymous said...

Interesting history of the vuvuzela. We will have to get you to give us a demonstration at assembly.

Scott Hita Room 2 said...

Hi Norman
I hope that you had fun playing the Vuvuzela and the video turned out well.

Mrs Sigamoney said...

Good on you for researching this Norman. You have done a superb job of your writing. Well done!