Thursday, August 26, 2010

Meshaq's Winter Game

How to play Indoor Dodge Ball

Equipment needed:

5 large softballs

2 even teams of 5

A wall

A gold coin

A stop watch


1. First you get into two even teams.

2 Next play heads and tails and the winner gets the ball first.

3. Then each player in the winning team gets a ball each.

4. Use the stop watch to time the game for five minutes

5. Now begin the game.

6. You can only throw the ball at the players from the waist and below.

7. The team with the most players still standing wins.

8. After five minutes swap over.

You can make the time shorter to make the game more intense and challenging .


Joe said...

Hi it Joe from Point England School
wow what a method to play doge ball.
keep the good the work!!!!

from Joe year6

Tama Junior said...

Meshaq you have a great winter game i think i might play it myself
but i need to be careful not to get hit by those balls