Friday, August 6, 2010

Daisha's Term 2 Reflections

This term has been like a ride you can’t get off. But a good ride of course. I’ve had some downbeat days but mostly upbeat days this term. Last term our present teacher Mrs Sigamoney was not able to be there for us . While Mrs Sigamoney was away Mrs Bailey our current Te Reo teacher, and Mrs Raj our Assistant Principal had been teaching us. We enjoyed having both teachers.

When Mrs Sigamoney made her comeback we had to get used to her way of teaching and  her expectations. She had to get used to us and our routines.

My school involvements were Soccer, Netball, Guitar, and Kapa Haka. For soccer, Mrs Sigamoney was our coach. She taught us well and we ended up coming fourth We  drew one game, lost two and won the rest. For netball our coach and part time coach  was Miss Samson and  Lana’s Dad ‘Erosita’. We have made it through to the finals and just this week we won our championship game. In guitar Ms Dekker is my teacher. She teaches me and the others the basics of guitar and in Kapa Haka  Miss Popata and Anthony's grandfather are also teaching us Kapa Haka.

I did start to sllacken a bit in these last few weeks. Next term it will be different. I will pick up my grades like a handful of water and throw them as high as I can.

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Kelly said...

What an amazing and honest term reflection Daisha :) I hope you have followed through with the grades and have thrown them high like a handful of water! Miss H