Friday, August 13, 2010

Synergy's Money Competition Reflection

At last our school had been given the chance to take part in one of the most enjoyable and brain busting experiences. Out of numerous sums of form one and two student in Tamaki intermediate school a select group of enthusiastic students with a variety of different skill were chosen through sums of different test.

Luckily even though my test weren’t up to the standard I was not chosen for the select group of people but because of my enthusiasm to be in the group and the kindness of the assistant principal in charge of the group I was fortunate enough to be put in the group just before the competition had started.

I knew that if I wanted a chance in the competition that I would have to strive to do my best .I was taught numerous ways to solve equations related to GST, Intrest, and kiwi saver. I was able to consolidate all the knowledge knew as well as extra information.

When I arrived for my first time at the money I was split into a group of 3 which was great because it would help when the competition had come .I listen precisely to our entire instructors step and on the day of the competition the steps had been really handy. But because I had focused more on the mathematical side money I had not been able to answer many of the questions and even though I had not won I was proud to at least take part in this knowledgeable experience.


Mrs Kelly said...

Another great piece of writing, Synergy - well done. This day sounds like a fantastic experience.

Anonymous said...

Sup synergy itz me taiapa i think it was a preety exciting morning for everyone but unfortunatley we lost.