Monday, August 31, 2009

Room 15's Career Choices!

Room 15 has been looking at different careers. We have gathered information at the careers expo and from the career's website. We would like to share some career choices that students have made.

Friday, August 28, 2009

So You Want To Be A Fashion Designer

This is Joel interviewing Kupakwashe on her career choice of becoming a fashion designer.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Endless Praise Youth Band Concert

Thursday 20th of August was full of excitement because the band Endless Praise came to our school. I sat at the back of the hall clutching at the video camera, waiting to capture all the action.

Miss Waetford introduced the band and then the music began. Then there was some really awesome music. Most of the music was gospel and they also sang pop songs which we enjoyed. Loud, cool music was running through my ears. After that the band members introduced themselves.

The singers wanted us to join them by doing some crazy, wicked dance moves. We all joined but some sat down. More songs and more songs, just amazing.

When the songs finished, the band invited three students to come on stage and perform. Falaniko, Maata and Samson sang and did cool dances. Falaniko was very confident and he did more than one performance. When Maata sang, Falaniko started dancing with a huge cheesy smile.

We all thought that the band gave a great performance. It would be good to have them back again.

Boaza Room 15!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

U45kg Boys Rugby

On Tuesday the 4th of August 2009 the rugby players settled down in the hall waiting for our uniforms and our coaches to get us organised to compete in the Eastern Zone Rugby League Tournament.

We caught the bus to Cornwall Park. On our arrival we settled down on the field, eager to play. The first team we challenged was Farm Cove. We had to play them 3 times. We did a little State of Origin. We were New South Wales and they were Queensland. They were pretty hard but of course we won 8-4.

The game had just finished and the team was practising for the next game. We stopped to have morning tea while we watched the under 55kg boys play.

Then we left for our next game. Ten minutes later we had our second game. We were going to thrash them 45-0 but we didn’t. They kicked the ball first and it went to Beau dashed frantically, ran straight up and caught the ball... Casey passed the ball to Christopher and then he stepped and bumbed one of them and scored a try from half back. It was a tremendous game and Farmcove had improved a lot and made the final score 8 all. But the rules say if it’s a draw, the first team to get a try at the beginning of the game wins, so we won again.

Our last game was an easy game because we gave it our all. We had another hard game but we won again 16-4. We’d like to thank the under45 kg team for doing their best and also our coaches for coaching us.

By:Taverio and Christopher

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tamaki College Recruitment - Boaza

On Tuesday 16th of August 2009 The Deputy Principle of Tamaki College Mr Dunn came to our school to recruit some new students to Tamaki College next year.

First he took us through the school brochure. The information looked pretty interesting and motivating. There was also a pamphlet about applying for a Yr 9 Scholarship. The reward is that you can get a laptop and your own printer! Wow! Wait, there’s more. You can also get internet access! Awesome!!

After that he talked about the School Safety Charter. This explained the rules and the consequences. To me, Tamaki College is a secure environment to learn and a safe college to be at.

Students then asked questions. Miss Waetford asked the DP what happens if you’re late. He said that if you miss your tutor class then you might have a detention the school will send a letter of concern to your parents. Better get to bed early and be on time guys!

Well I just can’t wait to go to Tamaki College. The Scholarship looks really attractive. Tamaki College seems like a school that will provide me with heaps of opportunities to excel.

By Boaza, Room 15

Girls Basketball 09..

On Thursday 13th August the Girls basketball team travelled down to the A.S.B. Stadium with to compete in the Eastern Zone Basketball Tournament.

When we were arrived there we had a bye. While we were waiting for our first match we warmed up and trained for the last couple of minutes.

Our first match was against Sancta Maria. This was the easiest match ever. We won 28-6. A few minutes later we went on the court again and challenged Saint Kent’s. This was an ultra physical match. In the first half they were leading 10-6 but then we caught up and made it a tie breaker 12-12.

This was our last match for our pool. We challenged Farm Cove Intermediate. It was a very tough game but in the end we managed to pull some tricks and and we won 14-8.

Winning that last match took us to the quarter finals. Our girls were buzzing with excitement. It took us a while to calm down. We then found out that we had to challenge Remuera. This was our hardest game of the day because most of them were taller than our captain Seneti. We were confident that we were going to win but unfortunately we lost 9-8.

We would like to thank our coaches for coaching us and buying us a big feed at McDonald’s and also to those who supported us and especially to our girls for trying their best and keeping their heads up high. In the end we were all players of the day because of our effort and sportsmanship.

I guess you win some and you lose some. As our coach says, “You learn more form losing than from winning.”

Senetii and Patricia Room 15

Open Grade Rugby Boys Report!

On Tuesday the 4th of august 2009 the open grade boys travelled down to Cornwall Park to participate in the eastern-zone rugby league tournament.

When we got there, our opponents were waiting for us. It was pakuranga intermediate. We think we played very well but we lost 27-0. Our next game was against remuera intermediate. ALTHOUGH we played a hard game, we drew 8-8. THE next game was against howick intermediate. At first we were nervous, but we woke up and thrashed them 47-4.

THEN CAME the semis. We were excited that we made it to the semis against remuera again but this time we were ready for them and we won 35-8. NEXT were the finals. We were really tired and exhausted AND we lost 18-4. Our all round best players were john, Tyson, shade and Paul. We would like to thank the parents who supported us and also a big thank you to OUR DEDICATED COACH for his hard work coaching us.

By Paul and Tipiloma ROOM 15