Monday, August 17, 2009

Coca Cola Career Expo

On Friday the 7th of August all the year 8’s from Tamaki Intermediate School went by bus to the ASB Showgrounds to go to the Coca Cola Careers Expo. This was my first visit to a Career’s Expo and I was surprised to see how huge it was.

When we entered the showgrounds, there were a lot of college students and lots of different schools. They were all there to find about different careers and university options. The people at each career station were very friendly and helpful. I was walking around with Patrick but then he ditched me and I got lost.

I was looking at many jobs that caught my attention. The ones that I liked would have to be the Air New Zealand, The Phone Company called Telecom XT and the NZ Army. I got to ask questions about these jobs and I may consider one of them as a career. The visit to the Expo made me realise that there are tremendous opportunities out there for students

I like getting the blue slips because you could get a free mineral water. I got 4 drinks with these blue slips and I got another free mineral water for doing the microphone challenge that was outside from 91 ZM.

It was noisy in the expo and there was loud music. There was a group called Pipa who did a dance performance for us. It was cool. Shade got some tickets from them to go and watch them perform. They asked me if I would shuffle but I didn’t want to.

I had a great time at the Expo and I think all the year 8’s did too. It was educational, informative and a good day out.

Eli Room 15

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Room10@Ptengland School said...

Hi Eli,
I really enjoyed reading your recount about the Careers Expo. You're very lucky to go when you're year 8, we didn't get to go until we were year 12. It's great to hear that you've thought carefully about your career choices as well. Keep working hard Eli and you will succeed. All the best.

Miss Lavakula