Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Awesome Mathex Alphabet Poem

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication or Division. It’s confusing!

Better be fast because the questions get tougher!

Clock ticking so better get going!

Delving for answers, better stop fumbling!

Everyone working as best they could!

Forward the runners, fast and furious!

Great attempt! But the answer is wrong!

Hang in there and stand tall!

I say we did magnificently, superbly well!

Jumping about happy and excited!

Kids putting 100% effort in!

Learning the different strategies in class are useful skills we practiced!

Mathematic equations for us to figure out!

Never lacking; full speed ahead!

Over with one question, there comes the next!

People helping and working in a team!

Quiet moment, listening please!

Reaching for the goal of victory!

Start again wrong answer!

Teamwork to the highest level!

Uniting as one brain to complete 25 difficult questions!

Very fast runners going ZOOM!

Working out most of the problems!

Xtreme workers pass the limits

Yelling out the count down!

Zooming past before the time ends... STOP!!


James said...

Wow! That sounded like fun!! Hope you got your brain working. Wish to hear more about what's happening at school and your awesome recounts! Great Job!


Mrs Burt said...

What a clever way to share your Mathex experience. I was amazed at how well you managed to evoke clear images of the event with your one liners. Well done.
Mrs Burt

Miss Walley said...

Hi Boaza

I really liked your poem and thought it was very clever.

Miss Walley