Friday, August 7, 2009

Mathex Fun Challenge!

Today, after interval Room16 and 15 went to the hall to do a mathematics challenge called Mathex.
We had to do a lot of running during the challenge so no one was disadvantaged while getting our questions and submitting our answers. The challenge was fun yet we had to exercise our brains and our bodies at the same time. As we were running to collect our questions and taking our answers to the markers sitting at the front of the hall, there was excitement in the air.
Not only was the problem solving challenge hard, it was also fun. People were shouting and running, hearts were pumping fast, faces turned red with excitement and brains kept turning like the wind during thunder storms. Our hands were aching trying to solve the problems fast.
Our principal was timing us and when he called “3, 2, 1 Stop!” Our hearts slowed down. The buzz in the hall calmed down too.
Even though my team didn’t win, we still tried our best and learned a lot.
Room 16


Miss Walley said...

Hi Earle

That was a good recount of Mathex. You described how you felt and excitement in the air very well.
I am very impressed with your recount.

Can you tell me who did win?

Miss Walley

Lorraine said...

cool recount on mathex

Mrs. Raj said...

A very well written recount Earle. I enjoyed reading your recount