Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mathex Acrostic Poem!

Anonymous thinking

Boys and girls running around

Crazy as hell

Dividing problems to equal...?

Extraordinary minds ticking along

Funny faces laughing across the hall

Giggling as they get answers write

Happy faces glooming from side to side

Interesting habits of working as a team

Jogging round the hall

Keeping up the standards

Laughing across the hall like clowns

Moving fast like a cheetah

Nervously waiting for the results

Orderly fashioned work

Problem solving so very easy

Questions getting harder and harder

Reaching for a particular goal

Strategies coming to our mind as we go along

Time ticking past

Unique kids

Very fast thinking

Working as a team

Xtention classes versing each other

Yapping away

Zooming for the next question

By Mele

1 comment:

Mrs Burt said...

Great work Mele - I went straight to the tricky letters to check out what you would do with them and "Yapping away" sure made me smile. This acrostic is really well done.