Thursday, August 20, 2009

Girls Basketball 09..

On Thursday 13th August the Girls basketball team travelled down to the A.S.B. Stadium with to compete in the Eastern Zone Basketball Tournament.

When we were arrived there we had a bye. While we were waiting for our first match we warmed up and trained for the last couple of minutes.

Our first match was against Sancta Maria. This was the easiest match ever. We won 28-6. A few minutes later we went on the court again and challenged Saint Kent’s. This was an ultra physical match. In the first half they were leading 10-6 but then we caught up and made it a tie breaker 12-12.

This was our last match for our pool. We challenged Farm Cove Intermediate. It was a very tough game but in the end we managed to pull some tricks and and we won 14-8.

Winning that last match took us to the quarter finals. Our girls were buzzing with excitement. It took us a while to calm down. We then found out that we had to challenge Remuera. This was our hardest game of the day because most of them were taller than our captain Seneti. We were confident that we were going to win but unfortunately we lost 9-8.

We would like to thank our coaches for coaching us and buying us a big feed at McDonald’s and also to those who supported us and especially to our girls for trying their best and keeping their heads up high. In the end we were all players of the day because of our effort and sportsmanship.

I guess you win some and you lose some. As our coach says, “You learn more form losing than from winning.”

Senetii and Patricia Room 15


NZWaikato said...

Seneti and Patricia, nice to see some familar faces continuing the tradition of Basketball at Tamaki Intermediate! I remeber that we also lost to Remuera Intermediate last year in the semi-finals, but it sounds like that you did very well and made the school proud! We have the Inter-Intemediate Basketball next week here in Hamilton so are busy preparing for that and also the AIMS games in Tauranga (which Particia and Maggie went to last year) so we will let you know how we do!
Great report!
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

spxroom6 said...

that is right you do learn more from lossing than winning nice work


Sam said...

hae Patricia amd Seneti,

Nice work report you really did capture the audience. It looks like you had a fun day. Keep up the good sportsmanship you guys.

Sharma and Mele Rm15 said...

Great report you two. It really did sound like there was a lot of sportsmanship on the court. Well done for playing hardout and trying your best even if you didn't win. Its about havung fun and it sure sounded like you all had a lot of fun. We hope to read more interesting reports from you soon.

Sharma and Mele Room 15