Friday, August 7, 2009


A helmet is a strong covering worn to protect your head when you ride a bike. Helmets come in many shapes, sizes and colours to choose from.

We wear a helmet while riding a bike so that we don’t hurt ourselves seriously. Wearing a helmet is just like wearing a seatbelt in a car.

Wearing a helmet saves our head and can even save our lives. The helmet takes the critical damage for you.

If you don’t wear a helmet you can get real serious injuries. You might die if you ride fast and crash into an object and hit your head on the object or on concrete roads.

So remember, always wear a helmet when you ride your bike.

By Isaiah Room 16


Miss Walley said...

Hi Isaiah

You have written a good explanation of why people must wear a helmet when they ride a bike. I liked the way you compared it to wearing a seat belt.

Miss Walley

Mrs. Raj said...

A very good explanation Isaiah. You have followed the structure of an explanation correctly.
Well done!

Earle said...

Hi Isaiah
Your explanation is very good.I liked the way you used good and powerful descriptive words.Keep writing explanations. I'm looking foward to seeing more good work.
Good job.

By Earle

Sela said...

Hi Isaiah
That is an excellent explanation. It shows that you have been really listening in class.
Can't wait to read more of your work. Well Done!!

From Sela

Olivia said...

Hi Isaiah
It's me Olivia.I really like the way you wrote an explaination about why we must wear a helmet.
Nice work Isaiah.
Keep up the good work!!

From Olivia

Elain said...

Hello Isaiah that was a facinating story weldone Isaiah you done well.
Elain Suaesi