Thursday, August 27, 2009

Endless Praise Youth Band Concert

Thursday 20th of August was full of excitement because the band Endless Praise came to our school. I sat at the back of the hall clutching at the video camera, waiting to capture all the action.

Miss Waetford introduced the band and then the music began. Then there was some really awesome music. Most of the music was gospel and they also sang pop songs which we enjoyed. Loud, cool music was running through my ears. After that the band members introduced themselves.

The singers wanted us to join them by doing some crazy, wicked dance moves. We all joined but some sat down. More songs and more songs, just amazing.

When the songs finished, the band invited three students to come on stage and perform. Falaniko, Maata and Samson sang and did cool dances. Falaniko was very confident and he did more than one performance. When Maata sang, Falaniko started dancing with a huge cheesy smile.

We all thought that the band gave a great performance. It would be good to have them back again.

Boaza Room 15!

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