Wednesday, August 26, 2009

U45kg Boys Rugby

On Tuesday the 4th of August 2009 the rugby players settled down in the hall waiting for our uniforms and our coaches to get us organised to compete in the Eastern Zone Rugby League Tournament.

We caught the bus to Cornwall Park. On our arrival we settled down on the field, eager to play. The first team we challenged was Farm Cove. We had to play them 3 times. We did a little State of Origin. We were New South Wales and they were Queensland. They were pretty hard but of course we won 8-4.

The game had just finished and the team was practising for the next game. We stopped to have morning tea while we watched the under 55kg boys play.

Then we left for our next game. Ten minutes later we had our second game. We were going to thrash them 45-0 but we didn’t. They kicked the ball first and it went to Beau dashed frantically, ran straight up and caught the ball... Casey passed the ball to Christopher and then he stepped and bumbed one of them and scored a try from half back. It was a tremendous game and Farmcove had improved a lot and made the final score 8 all. But the rules say if it’s a draw, the first team to get a try at the beginning of the game wins, so we won again.

Our last game was an easy game because we gave it our all. We had another hard game but we won again 16-4. We’d like to thank the under45 kg team for doing their best and also our coaches for coaching us.

By:Taverio and Christopher


Taverio,room 15 said...

great story.I really felt the excitement that your team and yourself had.

Anonymous said...

great you the mannnnnn!!!!