Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mathex - Acrostic Poem

Mathematics problem solving excercise

All around were excited people exercising brains and bodies

The principal calling out the time that was left

Hard and challenging Mathematical problems

Exhilarated people running around and thinking at the same time

X-treme mental and physical races to the finish line.

The winners at Mathex were: Isaiah, Longoa'a, Daniel and Lorraine - 1st with 100% marks
Synergy, Jorjah, Elaine and Rose - 1st with 100% marks
Zeenat, Mele V, Taverio, and Tipiloma - 3rd with 80% marks

By Jorjah and Olivia Room 16


Miss Walley said...

Hello Jorjah and Olivia.

That was a very descriptive poem, well done.
I am impressed that room 16 students came first with 100%.

From Miss Walley

Shaye said...

What a fabulos poem.Keep up the fantastic work.