Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guess what we made.....

Watch this Photo Story to see what we got up to in our Science topic - Temporary and Permanent Changes.

Making Butter

Room 1 made butter while learning about temporary and permanent changes. Levi explains the method of making butter through this photo story.

J.J's view of the monks

lJJ's take on the Shaolin Monks. View his movie and enjoy! Some important lessons to learn from the monks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Shaolin Monks

The Shaolin Monks performed at Tamaki Intermediate School. They were fabulous!. To share the wonderful experience with you all, Seneti and Eli recounted the events of the show through a photostory.

Using the Shaolin Monks’ performance experience, we wrote a recount in class. Along with Eli, I learnt how to create a photostory on the computer using the recount. We began the story by importing photos. We sequenced the photos according to the events, added titles, created music and got excited as we previewed the photostory. The best part of all was creating the music to suit our story. Eli and I decided to choose a piece of music that sounded like Chinese music. I’m sure I’ll write more if I get to use the computer more often.