Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Making Butter

Room 1 made butter while learning about temporary and permanent changes. Levi explains the method of making butter through this photo story.


Mrs Burt said...

Well done Levi.
Your mother will never have to buy butter again now that you know how to make it yourself. That was a very good explanation of the procedure. Well done to those who took the photos too.
Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

To room 1
I hope use enjoy eating it because it looked yummy

By Samiuela

Anonymous said...

To room 1
I hope that you enjoyed making butter and I hope you had fun. By Abraham.

Boaza said...

Well done room1!
You have done a good job.
Tell Mrs. Walley what a good teacher she is.

By Boaza

Mrs. Kelly said...

Hi there, Room 1 we loved the way you gave clear instructions to make butter.Now we all know about permanent change!

Hepisipa said...

'oku ifo fefe ho'omou 'aisikilimi? Ko fe ho'omou 'aisikilimi mo e 'aisikilimi mei he falekoloa 'oku ifo?

Anonymous said...

well done