Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Christchurch Message Board

When I heard the news about the Christchurch disaster, I was shocked! It felt like my heart stopped. I feared for the people of Christchurch.
This disaster occurred on the 22nd of February which was a Tuesday afternoon. The earthquake startled people at 12:51pm. It registered 6.5 on the Richter scale. While it wasn’t as severe as the first earthquake in September, it was far more violent.
This quake was a tragic disaster because it was closer to the surface. But the first earthquake was much deeper. The Christchurch earthquake made a lot of buildings collapse.
Rescuers confirmed that there 75 people dead and 238 people were still out there trapped under buildings.
The earthquake shattered this beautiful city. The people of Christchurch are still devastated and trying to recover. You’ll get through this soon. Be strong!

Christchurch situation
On the 22 February 2011 an earthquake struck Christchurch. Buildings, houses, people, families, and icons were crushed from the earthquake. This news appeared all over New Zealand. Seventy three bodies were found at the bottom of houses and buildings. Luckily for some people they got sent to the closest hospital. All hospitals were booked.
Hundreds of families rang into the police station to report their family members that were missing. Schools and families have opened their homes for other families to come stay with them if they don’t have a home.
My message is be strong, be safe, have a positive mind, and God be with you.
BY: Ina

On 22nd of February Christchurch was hit by a dreadful earthquake. On the news they said that 71 people have died because of the 6.3 earthquake. The news also mentioned that there were 300people still missing from their families.I really hope your families are alright and are safe. I hope the disaster that has happened won’t affect your families too much. Please don’t give up hope because of this disaster May God bless you and your families and be strong.
By Kitione

What happened in Christchurch?
There was a gigantic earthquake in Christchurch. It happened at one o’clock on Tuesday 22nd February while we were at was at school. Over one hundred and fifty people died. This is a very sad and hurtful. I wish the people who survived are safe and have shelter and food. Buildings have fallen and homes destroyed, even the old cathedral. I wish there were no earthquakes.
By Vanessa

Dear families and friends in Christchurch,
People in New Zealand and around heard the devastating news about the earthquake in your city. We hope that you are alright. Never think that you are alone, God is just a prayer away and we all are praying for you. We hope that all of you are okay and well. That’s what really matters. Please just hang in there Christchurch and everything will be sorted out. May God bless your city and may he be with you all the way.

Dear People of Christchurch
We are very sorry for your loss of family members, property damage and memories of your dear hometown Christchurch. We have heard that there is no power and very less water. We wish you all the best. Hopefully you recover quickly and forget about what happened and carry on with your life. May God bless you, your loved ones with you and the ones who are resting in peace.
By Ashley

Friday, March 18, 2011

Small and Cute Net Books

On the 22nd of February Room1 students at Tamaki Intermediate got net books to work with. I am one of the lucky ones who got a net book to use. When my teacher announced that we were getting net books that day, everybody was so excited.

During midday after swimming, we were all in our classroom doing our school work. Then there was knock on the door and Miss Gleeson walked into the room. She was the lady who was introducing us to the net books. When we all took our net books out of the boxes, we were so happy because the net books were small and cute. I loved working on my net book and will for the rest of the year.

By Yolenda

My Magnificent Net Book

A few days ago we got to try our magnificent brand new net books.
It has games, a web camera, the paint programme, pictures, internet, and more.

When I typed on “gedit” it I could hear the click, click sound. My net book is black and can fit inside a small bag, the size of my mum’s handbag. This is how small it is!

I love the net books and it’s thrilling just getting one to use. I also got a little tingling feeling inside of me when I started to use it. A feeling I cannot express.

I want to thank Mrs Burt, Mr Nevyn, Ms Gleeson, Mrs Raj and Mr. Horan for the netbooks.
By Venessa

A Great Experience Using Net Books

It was a great experience for us to receive our own net books, and learn about how to use them. I enjoyed and still enjoy using my own, awesome little net book.

When we first started to use the net books, we did math, played games and learned how to log in and shutdown. We also learned how to take a screenshot of our own selves. This was fantastic.

I hope we can continue to use net books at college.
By Vaegaau

An Amazing Experience

What a terrific way to start term one!
Room 1 was very fortunate to get given new net books

At first when we turned our net books on we had to make an eight letter password that we had to use to log into our accounts.

Finally when we got the chance to play with our brand new net books we were all absolutely excited and filled with joy. Miss Gleeson then showed us how to take a screen shot or our own picture that we had taken. It was fun!

For a little while we were able to play on our new net books. We could play games or take photos. Most of the students were being vain and taking photos of themselves!
Sadly all good things must come to an end so our playing time was over. We all logged off and packed our net books up.

To me it was an amazing experience being able to have fun on our net books. I would like to thank Mrs Raj, Nevyn and Miss Gleeson for teaching us and allowing us to have some free time on our net books. THANK YOU!

By Sheralee

Fantastic Experience with Netbooks

My experience with a net book has been fantastic. I had lots of fun working on it and imaging it, and we took heaps of pictures and played lots of games. I think that by term 2 I’ll be so good that when a problem happens I will be capable to fix it when it freezes.

By Saitia

Smiling like Crazy

Getting our little net books was an exciting experience for me because I was finally getting my very own laptop for the very first time. I went into the office with a group of students and we brought our laptops to class. I was so happy that Cherub and I were smiling like CRAZY. It was like the weather changed but our faces wouldn’t change back from smiling ones. I felt so lucky to be in the extension class and I am so thankful that Mrs. Raj put me in this class.

By Picilla

Precious Net Books

At the beginning of the year 2011 Room 1 was told by our teacher that we were getting net books. Everybody was delighted and the excitement began.

The first time we held our net books it was like, holding something precious and you do not want to let it go. We took cool pictures of ourselves with our web cam, it was fantastic. We went through our net books and checked out the programmes on it. We played learning games and it was so much fun.

I think I am very lucky to be in the extension class, and I would like to thank Mrs. Raj for putting me in the extension class and Mr Horan for providing us with these lovely net books.

By Nella

Amazing Net Books

It was amazing to use a net book for the first time. I was so surprised to see a little laptop. It had wonderful things in it like a built in webcam, internet access and games. What a cool net book!

It’s quite sad that the other classes didn’t get them. The only reason why we got net books is because we are in the extension class. If my family couldn’t afford it I will beg them to buy me one and I won’t ask for any pocket money this whole year.

I like the idea of bringing net books to school because we don’t have to use books. I would do anything to keep my net book safe.

By Moanarangi

Our New Net Books

On Tuesday 22 February, Room 1 got to touch their net books for the first time!
It was awesome. The excitement felt like an angel was singing an opera.

We had to take our net book out of its box, lift the lid up, and take the net book out of its sleeve. We all waited until Miss Gleeson told us to press the ‘on’ button all at the same time. This felt so good. The excitement grew even more when we were taught how to take a photo of ourselves and then take a screen shot of it.

Message: Get a notebook. It’s fun.

By Ina

Extreme Joy

What an excitement! Room 1 was recently given net books to work with in class.
I was extremely happy when I heard that we were going to get net books.

When we received our net books it had our own name tags on it and our own names on the actual Net book itself. Before we could do anything else we had to put in a password that was eight characters long. We were told we weren’t allowed to tell people our passwords- even to our best friends. We then followed the instructions that Miss Gleeson gave us. Everyone then played on it for a little bit. Finally everyone stopped playing the learning games.

It was a great experience and hopefully we all get to keep one. Thanks Mrs. Raj for the experience. I really enjoyed it. A big thank you to Miss Gleeson and Mrs Burt for teaching us, and a big thanks to Nevyn the expert at internet connections.

By Erika

My lovely netbook

Getting used to constructing my writing on this flash technology has been an ecstatic experience for me and for my peers.

Being one of the Manaiakalani schools we are entitled to using net books.

Although the things we do on the netbooks have to be school related, rather than be stuff on Face book, Bebo, my space etc, I am not upset or sad but my happiness grows every minute I place my fingers onto the key board and start discovering the awesomeness of these net books.

Thanks to Mrs. Burt, Mrs. Raj, Miss G and Nevyn we’re well on our way with our net books. And if we have problems we always have our little technicians to help us.

By Afu

My new netbook

When I first saw my net book my heart was pounding so hard.
When I opened my box to get my net book, and when my fingers touched it, my joy knew no bounds. The net book was the most valuable thing in my life, that’s how I felt about my net book.
When I was entering my password and my name I was thinking so hard about my password because I didn’t want anyone to figure out my password and take it away from me because if they did, they would be able to get into my work space which I didn’t want.
When Mrs. Raj said, “Pack away your net books.” I felt like packing it up and running away with it. It was the most exciting moment seeing my own net book and using it. It felt really good to see my really own net book.

By Chloe