Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Christchurch Message Board

When I heard the news about the Christchurch disaster, I was shocked! It felt like my heart stopped. I feared for the people of Christchurch.
This disaster occurred on the 22nd of February which was a Tuesday afternoon. The earthquake startled people at 12:51pm. It registered 6.5 on the Richter scale. While it wasn’t as severe as the first earthquake in September, it was far more violent.
This quake was a tragic disaster because it was closer to the surface. But the first earthquake was much deeper. The Christchurch earthquake made a lot of buildings collapse.
Rescuers confirmed that there 75 people dead and 238 people were still out there trapped under buildings.
The earthquake shattered this beautiful city. The people of Christchurch are still devastated and trying to recover. You’ll get through this soon. Be strong!

Christchurch situation
On the 22 February 2011 an earthquake struck Christchurch. Buildings, houses, people, families, and icons were crushed from the earthquake. This news appeared all over New Zealand. Seventy three bodies were found at the bottom of houses and buildings. Luckily for some people they got sent to the closest hospital. All hospitals were booked.
Hundreds of families rang into the police station to report their family members that were missing. Schools and families have opened their homes for other families to come stay with them if they don’t have a home.
My message is be strong, be safe, have a positive mind, and God be with you.
BY: Ina

On 22nd of February Christchurch was hit by a dreadful earthquake. On the news they said that 71 people have died because of the 6.3 earthquake. The news also mentioned that there were 300people still missing from their families.I really hope your families are alright and are safe. I hope the disaster that has happened won’t affect your families too much. Please don’t give up hope because of this disaster May God bless you and your families and be strong.
By Kitione

What happened in Christchurch?
There was a gigantic earthquake in Christchurch. It happened at one o’clock on Tuesday 22nd February while we were at was at school. Over one hundred and fifty people died. This is a very sad and hurtful. I wish the people who survived are safe and have shelter and food. Buildings have fallen and homes destroyed, even the old cathedral. I wish there were no earthquakes.
By Vanessa

Dear families and friends in Christchurch,
People in New Zealand and around heard the devastating news about the earthquake in your city. We hope that you are alright. Never think that you are alone, God is just a prayer away and we all are praying for you. We hope that all of you are okay and well. That’s what really matters. Please just hang in there Christchurch and everything will be sorted out. May God bless your city and may he be with you all the way.

Dear People of Christchurch
We are very sorry for your loss of family members, property damage and memories of your dear hometown Christchurch. We have heard that there is no power and very less water. We wish you all the best. Hopefully you recover quickly and forget about what happened and carry on with your life. May God bless you, your loved ones with you and the ones who are resting in peace.
By Ashley


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