Friday, April 8, 2011

An Inspiring Duffy Assembly

Anxious is how I felt as my class and I raced to the hall, desperately wanting to find out who our Duffy role model was and this exciting moment happened on the 4th of April 2011.

When the guests arrived we were told who they were and what their profession was. Afu started the assembly off with the karakia and Vaegaa’u led us in the National Anthem.

After we finished singing Afu had introduced our guests. Our Duffy Role model was a famous New Zealand actress by the name of Merrin Cavel. She first spoke about her early life and her occupation. She also told us about her elder siblings who were a lot better at things than she was. She spent three years at Drama School studying for her degree in acting.

She then spoke about how a simple book, “Bent Not Broken “changed her life. She eventually wrote a play based on that particular story. Merrin then explained how she was given two opportunities of a lifetime in New York and England, where she was asked to perform her play. I thought that she had a fabulous life because she also acted in Harry Potter, Shortland Street and was featured in What Now!! She was an inspiring speaker who had achieved a lot.

Once she finished the students then began to sing “Ara Vini” to entertain our guests and show our appreciation.

The next guest speaker was the president of the Rotary Club and his name was Mr Morton. He told us a little bit about the history of the Rotary Club and why he was wearing small gold badges around his neck. Each had a name. of the past thirty presidents from the Rotary Club.

When he had finished, the school sang once again and this time we sang “Si Ya Hama”. We were very fortunate to also receive our brand new Duffy books.

Lastly, to end our Duffy Role Model Assembly Afu said a karakia. Then sadly we had to farewell our guests.

To me that was an awesome Duffy Role Model Assembly. I also really enjoyed meeting a talented actress and the people who sponsored our school. Thank you! It was an awesome experience being able to find out how reading has changed so many lives and how it can help you achieve in life.

By Sheralee.

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