Friday, March 18, 2011

An Amazing Experience

What a terrific way to start term one!
Room 1 was very fortunate to get given new net books

At first when we turned our net books on we had to make an eight letter password that we had to use to log into our accounts.

Finally when we got the chance to play with our brand new net books we were all absolutely excited and filled with joy. Miss Gleeson then showed us how to take a screen shot or our own picture that we had taken. It was fun!

For a little while we were able to play on our new net books. We could play games or take photos. Most of the students were being vain and taking photos of themselves!
Sadly all good things must come to an end so our playing time was over. We all logged off and packed our net books up.

To me it was an amazing experience being able to have fun on our net books. I would like to thank Mrs Raj, Nevyn and Miss Gleeson for teaching us and allowing us to have some free time on our net books. THANK YOU!

By Sheralee


Mrs Sigamoney said...
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Mrs Sigamoney said...

Hi Sheralee
Awesome writing. I really enjoyed reading your writing. Keep up the good work.

Lovepreet said...

This is an awesome recount Sheralee.

Moanarangi said...

Hey Sheralee

Well done on the recount sheralee I like it.

vai said...

Well written recount Sheralee I enjoyed reading it keep it up.

Vaegaau said...

Hey Sheralee
You have used descriptive words in your recount.I really enjoyed reading it.Well Done!