Friday, March 18, 2011

Extreme Joy

What an excitement! Room 1 was recently given net books to work with in class.
I was extremely happy when I heard that we were going to get net books.

When we received our net books it had our own name tags on it and our own names on the actual Net book itself. Before we could do anything else we had to put in a password that was eight characters long. We were told we weren’t allowed to tell people our passwords- even to our best friends. We then followed the instructions that Miss Gleeson gave us. Everyone then played on it for a little bit. Finally everyone stopped playing the learning games.

It was a great experience and hopefully we all get to keep one. Thanks Mrs. Raj for the experience. I really enjoyed it. A big thank you to Miss Gleeson and Mrs Burt for teaching us, and a big thanks to Nevyn the expert at internet connections.

By Erika


Saitia said...

Good recount on net-books Erika
keep up the good work.

Lovepreet room 1 said...

A very well written recount Erika. Keep up the great work.