Thursday, August 20, 2009

Open Grade Rugby Boys Report!

On Tuesday the 4th of august 2009 the open grade boys travelled down to Cornwall Park to participate in the eastern-zone rugby league tournament.

When we got there, our opponents were waiting for us. It was pakuranga intermediate. We think we played very well but we lost 27-0. Our next game was against remuera intermediate. ALTHOUGH we played a hard game, we drew 8-8. THE next game was against howick intermediate. At first we were nervous, but we woke up and thrashed them 47-4.

THEN CAME the semis. We were excited that we made it to the semis against remuera again but this time we were ready for them and we won 35-8. NEXT were the finals. We were really tired and exhausted AND we lost 18-4. Our all round best players were john, Tyson, shade and Paul. We would like to thank the parents who supported us and also a big thank you to OUR DEDICATED COACH for his hard work coaching us.

By Paul and Tipiloma ROOM 15


NZWaikato said...

Paul and Tipoloma - what a great report about the Rugby League and finishing runners up is a great achievement. You must be all very proud of your efforts!
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediae, Hamilton, Waikato.

Tipiloma,rm 15 said...

WOW!!! you made it so far.
You must be proud of your achievement.

Paul,Rm15 said...

Gee you're all good but winning would have been solid.

Laykin, Room15 said...

AWESOME!!!Really good you made it this far.
You must be proud of your achievement.

Christian,Rm15 said...

"wow" your team did well.Hope you win the interzone tournament.