Friday, July 31, 2009

Year 8 Boys Netball Report!

On Wednesday the 22nd of July the Year 8 Boy’s A Team went out to Morrin Rd to the Auckland Netball Centre to play hard and stand tall.

Our first game was against Farmcove. They were a hard team to beat and we lost 5-2.

Our next game was against Buckland Beach. This was also a challenging game and we lost again 7-4.

Howick Intermediate was our third game. They were again a hard team to beat and that’s why we lost 12-6

The forth game was against Ellersile. This was the most difficult game and again we lost a big 24-0.

After the match we had a break. This was a chance to get ready and prepared for the next match so some of us practiced.

The fifth game was against Sommerville intermediate and we lost 8-5.

Our sixth and final game was against St. Heliers. They were good at defence but not at attack. It was a fun game but again we lost 4-3.

We had an enjoyable time but lost lots of games. We would like to Thank Mr. Fatialofa and Mr. Utanga for coaching us and the team for playing hard and having fun!!

By Boaza and Eli Room 15


Room10@Ptengland School said...

Kia Ora Boys on your efforts at netball. It's great to hear that you had lots of fun and enjoyed yourselves. Kia kaha

Miss Lavakula

Mrs Burt said...

Great report Boaza and Eli. Well done to the Netball team. You must have had to show a lot of character to keep playing your best when things were going against you. Maybe the All Blacks have jinxed you :)
Mrs Burt

NZWaikato said...

I really appreciate this report because it allows me to understand what it was like at this tournament. The results may not have been all wins but I really like the way that you didn't get negative about that and made sure that you kept on reporting. It would have been easier to have forgotten some of the results but I thought that you did an excellent job. The experience of playing Netball is hopefully one that you enjoyed.
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

Radha Moopanar said...

Well done boys. Keep up the good work.

Miss Hokopaura said...

Awesome report guys. Sounds like it was a tough day. Good to see you got out there and gave it a shot though :)

Miss Hokopaura