Friday, July 24, 2009

Ship For World Youth!!

The Tamaki Intermediate Year 8 classes were very lucky to have the Ship For World Youth come to our school. They were young people of different nationalities from all parts of the world. They came to share with us their language, culture and interests. Some students from Room 15 wanted to share what they learnt. Check it Out!
P.S. This is not Room 8 but Room 15, Year 8


Manaiakalani said...

What a fabulous movie Room 15. First of all the topic you chose to present was very special. You were priviledged to participate in that event, weren't you? Also the presentation skills of your 3 presenteres were great, even tackling those new languages in front of the camera and making it sound easy! Well done. Looking forward to more of your work this term
Mrs Burt

Laykin,room 15 said...

Good work room 15. That was a good presentation you did for this movie. All your topics were very good. Well done.