Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunny Day At HOYTS!!

During the holidays I spent the sunny afternoon with my cousin at HOYTS Sylvia Park watching the newly released, exciting and exhilarating movie Ice Age 3. It was a very funny movie but also attention grabbing with heaps of action, funny characters and dinosaurs running everywhere trying to eat the animals. I really liked all the sound effects because it made the movie very mysterious and spooky. Luckily I behaved because this was a treat from my grandparents.

By Sharma Rapata Room 15


Melville Intermediate said...

Nice recount Sharma good to see that you are still contributing to the Tamaki Intermediate Blog. I enjoyed your contributions last year to the work that Room 6 and the Y8's were doing at the time. Say hello to your cousin Mereana for me.
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

courtney,room15 said...

Great recount Sharma. I really liked the way you used those brilliant adjectives. Keep up with the great recounts.

Boaza said...

Wow! Sounded like you had an excited holiday there. I watched Ice Age 3 as well. Funny and cool wasn't it? Well keep up the good work.

Boaza Room 15