Thursday, July 2, 2009

How To Play Touch

For Procedure Writing this term Room15 students wrote instructions for recipes and games. We would like to share some of our writing.


Playing touch is a excellent way to start your summer evening. It’s enjoyable and also helps you exercise!


A rugby ball

4 Cones

2 Equal Teams

20 Squared Metres

A Referee

A Timer!


*No cheating!

*Not allowed to kick only on 5th and final.

*If you go out on the field space, you give the ball to the opposite team.


1. First the team with the ball kicks of or either taps and run it.

2. Next the other team tries to keep touching the opposing team person to prevent a goal.

3. When touched 4 times, then the referee calls out 5th and final!

4.The other team can kick the ball because if touched they have to give the ball to the other team.

5. Keep playing until the time has finished!


Don’t play with no referee or 1 team might cheat!

By Taverio, Room 15

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