Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Winter Blues

Happy and excited I was as I lay in bed asleep without a sound. It was so warm and comfortable that I didn’t even want to get up! But my lovely mother startled me and I awoke to see that it was raining and windy. I felt like snuggling into bed again but I walked to the kitchen shivering with cold and I made myself sit and eat. A while later my sister and I went roaming through Sylvia Park and it was a lot of fun. I hope the next holiday will be filled with more joy.

Mele, Room15


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Mele, I am so pleased to hear you had a fun holiday. I love the way you chose to write about it - I could imagine it clearly. It is good to see you using expressive words in your writing. Keep it up.
Mrs Burt

Boaza said...

Hi Mele. Very impressive there. I like the way you have wrote out your Holiday Highlight. Well Kepp up the good work Mele!!

Boaza, Room15