Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taiapa's holiday recount

During the holidays my team mates and I went to Christchurch for a soccer tournament. We flew there on the fourth of July. When we arrived there, we got together and walked towards the bus stop to take us to our apartment we hired. When we got to the apartment we unpacked our bags then we hopped into our beds and went to sleep.
The next morning we woke up and got changed. After that we got ready for breakfast. We all had porridge, toast and milo. Later, we went to catch a bus to our game. Our team was very excited to be in a new place to challenge other teams.
We played against a team called the Coastal Spirits. We stayed in Christchurch for a week and we played many teams. We won one game. We tried really hard and developed some skills during our games.
It was time for us to pack our bags and clean up the apartment. When we finished we had pizza for dinner and then caught the bus to the Airport. Then we boarded the plane to fly back to Auckland.
When we arrived at Auckland airport, our family members were waiting for us. I got home and went straight to bed and fell asleep as I was very tired.
This experience gave my team and me confidence, skills and passion for playing soccer.
By Taiapa Room 16


Miss Walley said...

Awesome writing Taiapa. Good to see you making use of your holidays and getting better at soccer. If you work really hard you may end up representing NZ one day:)

From Miss Walley

Sapphire,room3 said...

Hi Taiapa, great recount about soccer.Great to see you getting better at soccer,keep it up and keep trying hard.

Mrs Burt said...

It sounds like you have had the experience of a life time! I well remember the fun of travelling with school sports team, way back in the day. The hard games during the day and the fun times with the team at nights - and the sore bodies and aching muscles.
This is an excellent report Taiapa and I have greatly enjoyed reading it.
Well done.
Mrs Burt