Friday, July 3, 2009

Room 15 - Alls well that ends well

We started term 2 with a welcome back assembly. This was to motivate us I guess. We had a chance to join up for the drama class. We had our Home School Partnership Meeting which was really fun and exciting! In week 4 we had Mrs Hokopaura, our student teacher. She left in week 9 with a big smile, knowing that her job was a success. We had to do lots of test, Otago Poblem Solving, Algebra, Statistics and the Asttle Writing Test. So when we thought that the hard work was over, then came the nerve racking speeches. Mrs Sigamoney told us to choose a topic we felt strongly about, and this we did. It took a while to research and prepare but in the end it was all all good. Students were nervous and scared to say their speech but it was all about confidence and overcoming your fear. Then came the debates. We had to argue for or against a topic. Then there came sports, hockey, rugby and soccer. Sustainability was a big topic in our class as well. We had to write a poem or song about saving the planet that had more than 100 words. In week 7 we were told that Room 15 and room 16 were having a surprise guest. We were kept guessing until 1.30pm on the Wednesday. And what do you know; it was the Warrior’s coach, Ivan Cleary. He taught us some great rugby skills. It was amazing!! Then came the busy Science Fair. We worked in groups of four and worked our hardest. Boaza, Taverio, Paul and Daniel were the overall winners for 2009. Now it was the hip hop jamming with The DiziaH Dance Group who was fundraising for their trip to Los Angles to compete in the International Hip Hop Dance Completion. It was hip hop fun! Then it became cultural with the Tongan Trip Dance Group fundraising for their trip to Tonga! Wow!! With all these special events and heaps of writing, we have to get all of this on the blog. So we got lots of students to present a report and we videoed their Science Presentation. Don’t for get to visit our school blog and comment on your peer’s work!!


Miss Hokopaura said...

Hi Rm 15,

Wow you sure did have a busy term but you're now half way through the year so keep up the good work!

Miss Hokopaura

storm,room15 said...

room fifteen

wow you sure are having a busy year but your half way through so keep up the good work

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