Thursday, July 2, 2009

Room 9 Highlights and Challenges

The highlights for Room 9 this term were our Zoo trip, our sports afternoon with the Glen Innes Police, Tennis with Mark Lewis, 3 minute prepared speeches and the Deziah Dance group who did some awesome hip hop moves and flips.

All students in year 7 participated in 3 minute prepared speeches on how plants and animals adapt to their environment. Shonty-lee and Berttina represented Room 9 in the school finals and did very well. The trip to Auckland Zoo was awesome and it helped us in understanding the ways in which animals and plants adapt to different situations and gave us a lot of information for our speeches. In inquiry learning we did Individual Research projects on how Refugees and new immigrants adapt to situations in the new countries they choose to live in.

Our teacher Mr. Kopa-Katene keeps on encouraging us to improve the way we write for an audience. This term we wrote explanations, information reports, speeches and recounts of interesting events that happened at school. In Math we have been working hard learning about patterns and relationships in Algebra, and practicing Multiplication and Division strategies. We also learned how to measure objects and find areas and perimeters of shapes.

Room 9 also had a trainee teacher Whaea Maria who stayed with us for five weeks. She shared with us some awesome Maori games and put on a shared lunch for all the class before she left.

This term has been a really busy term and students have achieved satisfactory results in their work and made positive changes in their behavior. By Hola and Berttina

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