Friday, July 24, 2009

Flight From Ledron!!

For two weeks our reading group Shakespeare started to do an independent novel reading. I would like to share the book that the boys in our group read, Flight from Ledron by Diana Noonan.

Flight from Ledron is a book about a talented fourteen year-old boy called Amon and his friends Marco and Hester who live on an island called Ledron. He has a good life living on the isle with his caring mother Lydia. He had all he needed to be as happy as can be until one fateful day that changed his whole life.

On a path of rocks, Amon and Hester were walking and looking for something fun to do until Amon found an injured bird. Seeing the hurt creature made him believe that there is another isle besides Ledron since Ledron doesn’t let any animals live because the animals take up lots of water. Both his friends Hester and Marco knew about the bird and would not tell anyone about it. Every day Amon would sneak some food and water at dinner and give it to the bird that Amon put underneath his bed in a box. He took very good care of it. Amon asked Hester to research about the bird and find out the area it prefers so they would know about the place where it goes. After a few minutes Hester found some information about the bird that Amon had discovered. It was in fact a pigeon. This pigeon liked places where there are lots of space and lots of sunshine. Ledron did not have all those things and besides, Ledron is a small island. Amon knew that if it likes these things then it may have come from another isle.

On the same day in Amon’s bedroom he found something on the leg of the pigeon. It was a band that said “Oasis”. Amon thought it was another name for an island. So with Amon thinking that there was another island, he told his mother about everything and told what he was going to do!. He also told his friends Hester and Marco since Marco knew how to sail and they planed to set sail at Friday at 10:30 sharp! The time came to set sail to find a new island that they could not believe existed. They set sail although they were afraid they would be found out. It was a very dark gloomy night... BANG!!! Gun shots from the border guards came passing inaccurately. The group started to paddle faster and faster!! After 10 minutes they got away from the guards and paddled at normal speed. It took 3 days to get to the island that they could not believe! It was way bigger that Ledron. When they arrived, people found out that they were people from Ledron. They started to welcome the newcomers and gave them lots of food and water. They gave homes and shelters to them and let them live there. After a few hours a strange person came up to Amon and said “Hello Son!” surprised, Amon was very confused for a moment and then Lydia told him that that man was Amon’s long lost father! Amon’s father told them everything about the island and gave them something like a tour. After that Lydia had a job working in a garden home and lived with the rest of the family. Hester and Marco went back to Ledron to get some more people to come to the new island of the Oasis. Amon and his father worked at a pigeon message shop. So everyone had an existing and happy time and lived happily ever after!!

The theme in the story is to follow your heart. The author gives an amazing description of the setting. This is an unusual but awesome story. Highly recommended.

Boaza, Room 15


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Boaza, That is a very comprehensive book review you have published. You should conside doing a guest podcast for KPE about it as Diana Noonan is one of our favourite New Zealand authors. Have you checked out this book by Diana Noonanwhich Mele and Tiana podcast?
Mrs Burt

Miss Walley said...

Hi Boaza

That was a good book review. I am glad to see you keeping up the blogging.

From Miss Walley

Laykin,Rm 15 said...

Hello, that was a very good book review you have written.You should keep up the good work.

YourMum said...

You do realise that Ledron is not and island its a village.

YourMum said...

Sorry not a village its more of a small town.

sherry ng said...

i agree with the previous comment but i think ledron was a community. it is deffinatle not a island because an island is a peice of land surrounded by water. i doubt this is possiable considdering their situation

i like you book review though :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Boaza,
We are doing this book as a study focus on science ficion at school. I found your book review good, however Ledron is a community not an Island, if so it would have been surrounded by water which they would have desalinated for drinking. But well done!

Anonymous said...

This book review is very good, I'm in the middle of reading this book for school, this gave me a basic idea before we started.

Anonymous said...

Horrible book reivew! it is like you hadnt read the book! Your sentence structure is awful and your comprehension disgusting.