Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exciting Activities in Room 11 this Term.

This term we had to learn about “Swine-flu” how dangerous and how deadly it can be. We learnt about how it started from Mexico and spread to other countries. A lot of schools in the country got shut down because of it. We learnt how to keep ourselves clean and protect ourselves at home and at school from getting sick with the “Swine-flu”.

In learning how to measure we made ‘loopy people’. We measured our body parts using tape measures. After that we halved the measurements and made loopy people using cardboard and sticky tape. Our little loopy people are displayed in our classrooms.
Besides other stuff we did to learn, we learnt Samoan. We learnt how to say our name and greet in Samoan. We also know to name the months of the year in Samoan.

For topic study we learnt about refugees and how they get treated like slaves, and how they are in danger in their homelands. We also learnt about how they learn to adapt themselves in another country they choose to live in. This is ‘people adaptation’ just like how animals and plants adapt to their environment.

In class we also learnt how to keep our noise level down with the help of a noise meter our teacher made. If we talk too loud, Miss Parker starts using this and we are learning to settle down.

By Stephanie

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Raeleigh said...

I really liked how you talked about swine flu and how it is very dangerous and how deadly it can be!

People get sick from swine flu and if they come school they will get other people sick.

That is a interesting and amazing how you put lots of ideas into your writing.