Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Hectic and Challenging Term 2

Term 2 has been very hectic with varying challenges throughout the term. Most of the students have been keen learners and have made improvements in our learning. This is evident from post test results in all curriculum areas.

This term we learnt to solve problems that involved Measurement, Number and Algebra in Mathematics. In Science we learnt about adaptations of plants and animals and their survival in their habitats. We also learnt to write explanations, information reports and recounts. We worked on a wall story that has been displayed in the class. We are proud of our story writing skills.

Our class work is regularly displayed on our classroom walls, on outside boards and some work goes into our portfolios. We have learnt about adaptations in animals and plants. We had been to the zoo and had opportunities to study about the adaptations of animals and birds. We also went to PYCC to play lots of organised games. We took part in house sports every Friday and involved ourselves in fitness programmes.

Every Thursday in the afternoons we go for technology. The girls in our class attended the hard materials sessions and the boys did Art this term. We thoroughly enjoyed these and we thank the Technology teachers for teaching us and motivating us to do better work.

This term we put in a lot of effort in the completion and neat presentation of our class work. However, some of the students in our class are still struggling to complete their tasks because they have no stationery or borrow other students’ stationery and cause a lot of disruption in the class. We are working on this as well as our behaviour in class to enable us all to learn well.

Room 10 has many budding sports stars. Kathleen and Maroussia played for our school Netball team. Selina, Pareu, Rose, Shadae, Ruta represented our school in the under 55kg Rugby games.

We are proud to say that most students in the class have had great successes in sport and learning.

By Mereia

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