Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh What a Day!

Oh what a day!

Wednesday the 11th of August 2010 had finally arrived and everybody that was involved was revising all the math strategies that they learnt over the past two weeks with Mrs. Raj. They were revising because there was a competition that was being held in the hall called ‘The Duffy Money Competition’.

The Duffy Money Competition organised by the Duffy twins Craig and Paul was all about financial literacy. We learnt a lot about assets, liabilities, income, expenditure, kiwi saver, interest, credit and debit cards and other money matters. It was terrifying at the start but as time slipped by it became extremely exciting.

In total there were 9 groups of 3. The competition was challenging but it also gave our minds a good workout. Paul hosted the competition. It took approximately an hour before our excited heart beats slowed down. At the end of the competition Paul collected all the answer sheets and marked them.

Waiting for the results was agonizing but we were over the moon when Paul read out the answers. Our group was happy because we had got almost every answer correct and we came first. In second place was Team Piggybank. Earle, Longoa’a and Tama were proud winners. They each got a brand new cell phone. Then to our surprise Paul announced that our team, Team Thingy, had come first. We also got a cell phone each and we were ecstatic. Our eyes turned to our friend Olivia who had not received a phone. Then, to our surprise Paul announced that he had two extra cell phones to give away. He asked two very hard questions and Coltrane won the first cell phone while our friend, Olivia, won the other one. We were so happy for her.

The competition was so much fun even though only two groups went through to the Inter-School Competition. Everybody had so much fun that they forgot about losing and celebrated with all their friends. We would all like to say a big thank you to Paul and his twin brother Craig for organising the competition. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Raj for preparing us for the competition. THANK YOU!!!


Lorenzo Rm2 said...

Wow! you guys must of had heaps of fun during the Duffy Money competition.
Well good luck to your guys winners Earle,Longoa'a,Tama Jnr,Scott,Sela,and Jorjah.

Shaye said...

Dear Jorjah.

I thought your story was so descriptive and cool.What I liked about it though was how much good vocab you used it was smart!! you were also a good poer in the photo!!! everyone must of been happy to do a quiz thing i've never seen kids like that in my life!! keep up the good work and hope you get more comments!!