Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bob the Weather Man

What Room 2 students have learnt from Bob Mc Davitt the Meteorologist.

The Yr 8 student’s at Tamaki Intermediate School got the visit of a life time by the meteorologist Bob Mc Davitt who studies the different temperaments of weather in different parts of the world.
One of the things I took great pleasure in learning about was the water cycle. We were taught how almost infinite sums of minute droplets of water mostly known as clouds form together and produce rain which soon goes through a process called the water cycle which is basically only fluid transpiring from the earth and forming condensation which will soon become clouds. As clouds begin to bond they begin to form droplets which evaporate in to masses of smaller droplets and as a result creating rain. These steps are repeated therefore sustaining the cycle of rain.
I learnt limitless tons of knowledge and the few things that I thought most likely would help me in future was how to figure out how various disasters are caused as well as how to read satellite images of the weather


Mrs Kelly said...

Great writing, Synergy. Fantastic use of words - I also would like to know how to understand those weather maps!

Kelly said...

Syngery great to see your writing is so descriptive. I feel like I could have been there listening to "Bob the Weather Man". Miss H