Friday, August 6, 2010

Bob Mc Davitt The Meteorologist

On Tuesday 3rd of August, the yr 8’s gathered in the hall to learn all about weather from Bob Mc Davitt the Meteorologist.

Bob Mc Davitt is a well known Meteorologist who used to be a weather man on the news a few years back. He was inspired to study the weather after he and his family experienced a violent storm that happened during the Wahine Disaster in 1968.

Mr Mc Davitt had prepared a slideshow showing many different types of weathers and how they were caused.

He explained that the largest hail stone to be found within New Zealand was the same size as a 10c coin (22mm) big.

He showed us a slide where a twister destroyed a city. He said that a twister spins by the speed of 110km per hour, and that if a twister wants to transport it will transport from moving its eye from one place to another then, slowly moving its body.

My favourite part about this talk on weather was when we watched and learnt all about the different types of clouds.

Thank you Mr Bob Mc Davitt for giving us awesome information on weather. The information you have given us will help us during this term on our topic on weather disasters.

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