Friday, May 7, 2010

Xeneqe's Discussion Writing

Some people agree with raising the drinking age to 20 yrs while others disagree.

Some people feel the drinking age should be raised to 20 yrs and over. Firstly teenager are beginning to do irresponsible things like robberies and starting fights. Secondly 18yr olds are too young to start drinking. If they raise the drinking age to 20yrs then teenagers won’t be able to buy their own alcohol. Lastly if they have a party at home, having alcohol is not a good idea.

On the other hand some teenagers will disagree because then they will have to wait till they turn 20 yrs of age. Some people’s opinion is that teenagers will probably ask their parents to buy the alcohol for them. They can’t just walk into the liquor shop and purchase alcohol.

I think that the drinking age should be raised after all the stupid stuff that has happened throughout the year.

By Xeneqe Rm 2


Scott Hita Rm2 TIS said...

Hey Xeneqe I think that the drinking age should not be raised but a new law be introduced a law that prohibits under 20yr olds to purchase alcohol but their parents can buy it for them. With that law parents can control how much their kids drink.

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Xeneqe

It's great to see some of your work on this blog. I think that underage drinking is a big issue. I personally think that the drinking age should be raised to 20, but if you are eligible to vote at 18 then maybe you are old enough to purchase alcohol. Hmmmm....a lot to think about. Good on you for raising the issue.

Mrs Lagitupu

Berttina RM2 said...

HELLO Xeneqe. I think that you are correct with your discussion writing about raising the drinking age to 20 years because some teenagers lose control but back to your writing, it was good work.

Berttina room2 TIS.

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Xeneqe, I have enjoyed seeing you back online expressing your views. This is a very topical issue, and we have seen some tragic outcomes from teen drinking in the media recently. I think that if the lives of young people are saved, then it would be a good thing to defer access to alcohol a little longer. Mrs Burt

Mrs.Nirmala said...

I feel that raising the drinking is a good idea. Younger people are not that responsible and sensible about their lives.
Issabel and Angel from room 11 tamaki intermediate school.

Grace said...

Hey Xeneqe
I also think that they should raise the age of drinking as well.
I Like the way you Protest about the law of drinking and that how you say that kids can Just there Parents for thier drinks.
love to see more work.
Grace ( super learners)
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Lorenzo Rm2 said...

Hey Xeneqe i agree with you that the drinking age should be raise.
consedering how the stupid stuff that's been happening.
If they ask their parents to buy alcohol they should say no because parents should be responsible.

From Lorenzo Rm2 TIS