Monday, April 6, 2009

Duffy Role Model Assembly

Yeah! We couldn’t wait! Our Duffy Books had arrived. The whole school assembled in the hall to be presented with our Duffy Books. Joshua Williams and The Remuera Rotary Club Members came to Tamaki Intermediate School on Monday March 30th 2009.
We waited anxiously to see what was going to happen??
They arrived. They walked up and sat down on stage and waited very patiently until our head boy Tipiloma introduced them.
Joshua Williams was first up.
He first spoke about reading books and I thought it was going to be boring until he kind of made it sound COOL! He asked us, “Do you want to see a trick ?”
We said,” YES !” I was wondering what is going to happen. He jumped and did a back flip, not that surprising I was thinking, but still I went with it and clapped. Joshua Williams then sang, it was pretty awesome. He reminded us to “Read to Succeed”. His message was,”It’s cool to read”.”It’s cool to achieve”.
Tipiloma thanked Joshua Williams and the other guests. Our principal Mr Horan then presented our Duffy Books.
I think it was a great assembly because we had fun and got books to read.

Matilda, Room 15


Mauina said...

Hey Tamaki your Duffy assembly sounds fun with Joshua Williams. He has been with Point England last year his message was its cool to read its cool to archieve so I hope you guys love reading as much as Josh does!!!

Chyann said...

To Matilda,

I liked the way you used lots of expression in your story. That was an excellent story you wrote. Great job.

From Chyann