Thursday, April 9, 2009

Room 2 — Action Packed and Exhausted—Phew!

This term we had a lot to deal with...a new class, assessments, a new teacher, a new team, more assessments, swimming assemblies and even more assessment.
Our focus for this term—making the right choices and taking responsibility for those choices. For example—if we play around during class time that is our fault so we have to make that time up during our own time i.e morning tea, lunch time and or after school.
We had an awesome time at PYCC and with the tennis people that taught us how to play tennis and what equipment we had to use for it.
Congratulations to all of the school leaders for 2009. Especially the ones from our class.


nooroa rm3 said...

Cool room2 pleased to know that your class has a focus for this term,hope yous stuck to your focus...

ATA RM3 said...