Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grease Recount

On Friday the 3rd of April 55 students from Tamaki Intermediate went to the Grease Production at Selwyn College. It was performed in the Auditorium.

At 11.15 the students that were going lined up in the hall. Then we were instructed by Miss Waetford our Deputy Principal to get in three lines and we all started to jump on the bus and get in our seats. Some people had to stand.

When we arrived at Selwyn College we waited for about 5 minute and then we were instructed to go inside. We got in our chairs and we were in the front row of seats. We had such an awesome view.
Before the show could begin the host told us that there were lighting difficulties but they didn’t care the would just kept performing.That showed us what great actors they were.
One of my favorite parts of the play was when everybody was dancing, flipping and doing the amazing splits.

The main two characters were Danny and Sandy, the actors were very good. Danny had and his friends wore black t-shirts and leather jackets. They were naughty boys. Sandy was friends with the Pink Ladies. The girl who played Rizzo had such an attitude. Eugene was a nerd and the actor who played him was really good, he was very funny. There was lots of beautiful singing. They had really nice voices and amazing dance moves. They must have practiced a lot.

The second part was a lot funnier. It was so loud I thought my ears were going to explode. The funniest part when they sang Beauty School Drop Out and there was a boy dressed as a girl it was really funny. I really enjoyed the production and hope to go to another production at Selwyn College.

By Lorraine Room 16


Manaiakalani said...

Great recount Lorraine. You really kept my interest with a nice blend of information about what you did and saw, and your personal comments. It sounds like I missed an entertaining show.
BTW, have you sent anyone from Selwyn a link to this blog post? I am sure they will be interested in what the media critics are saying about their performance - including the bloggers!

kupakwashe,room15 said...

Hi Loraine, that sounded like a great performance,too bad i wasn't there.That was a good personal recount. I felt like I was there wacthing it.I can't wait to read more of your recounts.:)