Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unity in Diversity - A film made by Tamaki Intermediate


Mrs. Raj said...

I am proud of you Room 16, now Room 2 on the way you worked to create this beautiful movie.
I like the way in which you used your inquiry based projects about 'Heroes in History' to portray 'Unity in Diversity' in the movie.
Well done on the way you researched your information, processed your information and selected information for presenting in the movie. Great going guys!

Miss Walley said...

That was a fantastic movie, i enjoyed it very much. It was well made and well researched. Great job!

Miss Walley

mrs sigamoney said...

well done room 2! in todays world of conflict, this is a great movie you created. i admire your zest and passion in researching your heroes and producing a successful movie. you are stars!

Miss Aris said...

WOW! You guys are superstars! I am so impressed and touched by this fantastic message of honouring diversity. You are so lucky to learn in an environment that is enriched by so many cultures

Keep up the good work!

So lovely to see your smiling faces.


Miss Aris