Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just so Story - How the Zebra got its Stripes.

It was the most important day of Hippo and Zebras life. The day they were to get married. Unfortunately Zebra did not have a suit to wear.

Zebra run all around the store looking for a suit to wear for his wedding. Zebra checked ever y store in the town.

Then black paint fell off a shelf and onto Zebra and BOOM! Zebra run straight into the mall looking for a mirror.

Zebra looked very cool with stripes and hippo was amazed. They lived happily ever after. All the other Zebras thought it looked stylish and that’s how Zebras got their stripes.

By Meshaq


Mrs Chao said...

Wow Tamaki School. We really enjoyed your Just so stories.
Some of them could really be true explanations but a few we are not too sure about. Great writing .
Keep up the good work.
Mrs Chao and Room 11 at Muritai School

Anonymous said...

very nice just so story By anthony

Anonymous said...

very nice just so story By anthony

Isaiah said...

To Meshaq
I really liked your story.It was was funny how the paint just fell.
By ♥♥Isaiah♥♥

Earle said...

To Meshaq
I liked your story about the zebra it was pretty cool.

By Earle

Tama said...

TO: Meshaqa

Like the story its cool..,like the zebra

Elaine said...

To Meshaq
i really liked your story it was really cool.

By Elain

Room10@Pt England School said...

Hi Meshaq,
Mrs Sigamoney has shown us your work. Wow! You are working hard. Keep it up.

Miss Lavakula

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Meshaq,
You are doing such a good job. Please do keep it up.

Mrs She

Miss Aris said...

I enjoyed this just so story. You used your imagination and came up with a great piece of work.

Good job!

Gabrielle Rm17 said...

Hello Meshaq this is me your sister
gabby I Just want to say you need to put more detail in your writing and you need to make your writing more interesting and write more interesting storys ok my brother so listen to me I know every thing.KEEP UP the great work brother I'll see you at home and remember write good storys.BYE BYE Meshaq.