Friday, May 15, 2009

!!!!!Corporal punishment should not be reinforced to schools!

I believe that Corporal punishment should not be reinforced to schools in New Zealand because that is the parent’s job to smack the kids not the teachers. They are there to teach the kids not give them a hiding.

Secondly I believe that when the kids get older and they have kids they might abuse them because their past wasn’t what they expected it to be!

Another point is that abusing and smacking has two totally different meanings. Abusing is when people insult others; say unpleasant things to people, while smacking is a slap, or a hard hit. To most student, teachers, principals and communities corporal punishment is a way of getting their children to listen and focus on the teacher but I think that teachers, principals and relievers have no right to smack the kids because the parents let their children attend school so they can grow up with a good education and get a good job in the future and also help out with the family bills.

New Zealand shouldn’t have corporal punishment because it sets a bad example to others and it also gives a bad impression of New Zealand schools. Using violence and smashing others is not cool.

My team and I strongly agree that corporal punishment shouldn’t be reinforced to schools in New Zealand...

By Seneti Room: 15


Jorjah said...

Hey Seneti

I totally agree with you and your team.I think teachers should not be allowed to smack students.It is sending out the wrong message to kids every where.

By Jorjah

spxroom6 said...

I strongly agree with your team. Your recount(or report)is an awesome way for telling teachers (parents) around New Zealand, that abusing your child or student should be banned!


Grace said...

Hey Seneti

Nice argument. I truley agree with your argument. Your right I know that i dont want to abuse my kids when i get older. Keep the good work up.......

Amie said...

Hi Seneti,

I really think you are right. I wouldnt like it if my teacher was still smacking me today. It is like a miricle that they created the anti-smacking law. Keep up the good work O.K.

Miss Aris said...

I agree with this. There is no way that abuse, of any, sort should be used in education.

Well done for coming up with a sound argument. You raised valid points.

Well done