Thursday, May 21, 2009

How Pigs got their Curly Tails

Once upon a time there was little Pig. The Pig and his friends were going out to dinner on Saturday evening to celebrate a special occasion.

The next morning he woke up feeling good and so he went shopping for flowers and chocolates to give to his friends at dinner.

When he got home he went for a shower. After he finished he wanted to look special but he didn’t have anything special to wear so he curled his tail. It looked so good that he kept it that way...and that how the pigs got their curly tails.

By Taiapa


Room 3 said...

Hi Tamaki Tales,

Your story was great. We liked reading about how pigs got their curly tails.

From Room 3

Cruz said...

Nice work

That was an awsome post I like the way you talk about the way the pig got a curly tail. But the only thing is how did pigs get stiff ears? Well bye and Great work


Bobbi-Grace said...

Hi Taiapa
Funny story. I never knew that is how pigs got thier curly tails. Cute picture of the two pigs.


Rm15 said...

Hi Taiapa great story it was really great.The best part of the story is when the pig get chocalate and flowers.

By Rm15

Genevieve Ata said...

Hi Tamaki Tales,

Your story is great. The myth entertained me and made me smile.

From Room 7 at Glenbrae School Genevieve

Brooke said...

Hey Taiapa

Is that how pigs really got their tails.