Thursday, May 21, 2009

How the Giraffe got its Long Neck

Once upon a time there was a sad Giraffe that lived in a beautiful rain forest. He was so sad because he had a short neck.

He wished so much for a long neck so that he could reach the tasty leaves at the top of the trees. He got so sick of being teased by the nasty birds that he decided to go and look for help.

Giraffe went to ask for some help from the Wise Pig. The Wise Pig told Giraffe to keep wishing and wishing and one day it might come true. Giraffe went home and while he was walking he kept wishing and wishing that he had a long neck.

While he was walking home he didn’t see a bunch of bananas hanging on a low branch. His head went right through the bunch of bananas. Giraffe wiped his head but he still smelled like bananas and there was a banana stuck onto his head. He didn’t see a large and strong monkey up in the trees.

The monkey was looking for some bananas to eat for his tea. Then all of a sudden the monkey smelt bananas and to his amazement he saw a moving banana. He was so amazed he went to try and pull the banana off Giraffes head. The strong monkey stretched Giraffes neck until finally the banana came off. Giraffe looked around him. Everywhere he looked he saw leaves.

Giraffe was so happy he could reach all the nice leaves at the top of the trees. All the giraffes in the rain forest wanted to have long necks so they could reach up into the trees. So it became natural that giraffes have long necks.

By Sela (Room 16)


Mrs Boyer said...

Morning Sela,
I was delighted to see your myth on your blog. I am going to use it and the others on Tamaki Tales as exemplars for my class because we are writing myths as well.
You have given a very plausible explanation and structured your myth appropriately.
It was very entertaining.

Mrs and Mr Tukuafu said...

Your mum and dad saw your work Sela and were very proud of you.

Genevieve said...

Hi Sela

Its me Genevieve. I like the myth about How the Giraffe got its long neck. I hope I get to see you one day.


Miss Aris said...


What a fantastic piece of writing. It is well thought out. Writing myths is fun as we allow our imaginations to lead the pen.

Well done!

Meshaq's sister Gabrielle from rm 17 Pt england said...

Wow Sela

That was an interesting story I like the way that you got your readers hooked into your writing and keep the great work up keep on writing your interesting storys and you will get more comments.

Lyri said...

Hi Sela,
Your myth on how the giraffe got its long neck is really great.I like the way you explained the story and it was also entertaining and it didn't have any mistakes.

From Lyri

Manase Vaka said...

Hi. Sela it's me Manase from Glenbrae school.

It was an entertaining Myth. you used a good exemplars.
Keep it up!!!

From Manase Vaka

Faasolo said...

Hi my name is Faasolo from Glenbrae School room 7.I liked how you done your story very well.It was very exciting to read your story.

From Faasolo.

Anonymous said...

Is there a moral to the story?

Anonymous said...

hey sela,
i'm doing a project like this and it's really interesting! but mine has to be really long. thank you for the great story. helped me a lot!!