Friday, May 8, 2009

Just So Story - How the Giraffe got a blue tongue!

One day in the Savannah Gerry Giraffe got an invitation to a party titled ‘Party in the Jungle’ in the jungle from his friend Harry Hippo.
Harry Hippo was an old friend of Gerry’s from when they worked together in Gary’s Garbage Swamp.

“How am I going to get there in time I don’t have a car or even a bike?” He asked himself. He worried so much that he lost track of time and he only had five minutes before he was not going to not be allowed into the ‘Party in the Jungle’.
Gerry quickly ran next door to his neighbor ‘Old Lady Zee’ to see if he could get a ride but then he remembered that she was always testing her crazy potions on him but he still went in.

“Oh hello deary how can an old witchdoctor help a young buck like you” Old Lady Zee asked Gerry.

“I really need a ride to a party before it’s too late, if you can?” Gerry asked.

“Oh well try this then hop in my car” Old Lady Zee said quickly.

“Oh No! Not more soup well ...O.K” Gerry said.

She made him have the potion and suddenly Gerry’s tongue turned dark blue.
“Arrrrrgggggh” He screamed. What he didn’t know was that it was permanent.
That is how Giraffes got their blue tongues.

By Scott (Room 16)


Aunty Bu said...

Hey Its Aunty Bu here,

I loved your story and I just want to say its really cool that your work is on the site Good Work Miss Walley

Love Aunty Bu

MUM said...

Hi Son

Congrats for your work being published on the web.
Thanks Miss Walley for choosing Scott's work to be shown on the blog.

Love Mum

Miss Elia said...

Kia ora, Scott
It's great to see your story on Tamaki Tales. It really made me laugh. I hope that party was worth it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott its Aoina,

I really enjoyed your Justso story.I really hope that I can write a story like that.

From Aoina

Rose said...

Hey Scott,

Your story was amazing about how the giraffe got his blue tongue. Keep writing stories.

From Rose

Rose said...

Hey Scott,

Your story was amazing about how the giraffe got his blue tongue. Keep writing stories.

From Rose

olivia said...

hey scott
very good story and very good just so story.excellent. enjoy the rest of the term.
from olivia

Tia said...

Hey Its Tia

Loved your story hope to see you again

Tia (you know who)

Manase and Marcellin said...

Hi Scott. It's me Manase and Marcellin from Glenbrae school.

We love your story that was so interesting and we enjoyed reading it.

Keep it up Scott

From Marcellin and Manase

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

I like your work about how the Giraffe got a blue tongue.
It is really good that you made a blog on Tamaki Tales.