Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fireworks, Definitely Not!!

I strongly believe that FIREWORKS SHOULD BE BANNED. This is dreadful. There are many points why it should be banned.

The first point I will mention is the dreadful violence. Many teens are using fireworks to abuse animals. Those kids think it’s funny but it’s really cruel. They start house fires and bushes fire which have drastic consequences. What would you do if that happens to you?

The next point that I will mention is the cost of fireworks. The cost of fireworks ranges from $15 to $300. With the recession and the escalating cost of living, I don’t think so. You could use the money on useful stuff like bread, milk, food and also to pay the bills. All this money that you spend could be put to good use and not seeing your money being wasted on bombs .If you were low on money, would you buy these fireworks?

I believe that even though it is an enjoyment to younger kids and others, they don’t know what is happening with the money, that's why I deeply believe that FIREWORKS SHOULD BE BANNED!

By Boaza, Room 15


Manaiakalani said...

I am interested in your argument Boaza. You are very persuasive but I do not entirely share your point of view! I grew up in a time when we had fireworks much more widely available than you kids do now and we didn't go round maiming each other and causing the destruction that has been happening in recent years. What about only allowing adults to buy them instead? Would that work.
I do take your excellent point about the recession though. I had not thought about that until you raised it.
Mrs Burt

Earle said...

To boaza
I liked how to said your story with lots of sense.

By Earle

olivia said...

Hey boaza
very good story/argument you wrote.
It was really good.well done.
i can't wait to see more

From olivia