Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How the Zebra got its Stripes

One day a zebra was wondering if he wanted stripes or not.
The next day he he was trying to find something black to test if he liked black stripes so he kept on searching and searching..... untill he found a pack of crayons which had a black crayon.

He tried to draw some stripes on himself but it wouldn't work. He kept on searching and searching but he couldn't find anything that was black. Then he started to look in his art area and he found black paint. He started to paint some stripes on himself (but he didnt know it was permanent) and thats how zebras got their stripes.

By Aoina


Daisha and Olivia said...

Hi Aoina, its Daisha and Olivia here.

We both enjoyed your story and we think that you have an awesome imagination. However we want to know after he painted the stripes on and didn't know if it was permanent then what happened after that???

Ok we better go now. Keep up the good work!!!

From Olivia and Daisha.

Marion said...

Hi Aoina
I liked your story. Have you ever heard of any person doing something like that? Imagine if they had stripes tattooed all over themselves. Would we call them a zeperson or a persbra?