Saturday, May 2, 2009

Holiday Recount - Hanging out with my sister and friends

In the holidays I was hanging out with my sister. Firstly we had to get ready and it took my sister a really long time just to get ready.

Then we walked to my sister’s friend’s house her name is Jaymie. Then we walked to Glen Innes and we caught the bus to Mission Bay.

After that we had to walk to my sister’s friend’s house her name is Eulale she has a ten bedroom house. When we arrived she was really kind to me. It was fun.

Then we walked back to Glen Innes it was really tiring then we went to the Internet cafe I got half an hour and then we got tired so we went home.

Overall it was a fantastic day I enjoyed hanging out with my sister’s friends.

By Lorraine (Room 16)


spxroom6 said...

WOW! that was a fantastic writing! I loved it! I would love to hear more of your awesome recounts again, keep it up!


Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Hi Lorraine,
It sounds like you enjoyed your holidays. I haven't caught a bus to Mission Bay I would probably get lost. It must've been a long walk back to Glen Innes from there. How long did it take you & your sister?
Miss Lavakula