Monday, June 29, 2009

Interzone Girl's Rugby Report

On Thursday the 18th June the open grade girls travelled down to Dunkirk to compete in the interzones.

Our first match was against Northcote Intermediate which was a vey easy game and we won 31-0. Our next game was against Wesley and we thought we were going to lose but we played hard and we won 28-0.

After that match we had a bye so we started to practice some skills because our next match was for the semi-finals.

Randwick was our next opponent and we managed to keep the ball most the time. Moses and Miss Samson were really proud of us because we won 12-7.

We made it to the finals and challenged Viscount which was a rough match and unfortunately we lost. Overall we came 2nd in the tournament and this was good.

A big congratulations to Ma’ata for best back, Kathy best forward, Ramona best tackler and Alison for player of the day.

On behalf of all the girls we would like to thank Moses and Miss Samson for training us and getting us prepared for the Interzones.

It was a great achievement!

By Seneti Room 15


Mele, Rm15 said...

Wow! That sounded like a lot of hard work.I'm impressed that you girls worked as a team and gave it your best shot and represented our school well.i hope to see more of youre capturing reports.


Ms Pagai said...

Welldone Ramona!!

Best Tackler! Awesome!